1) I didn't come to the 25th Reunion because
I just wasn't interested in going back to H.S.
I don't feel the need with social media these days.
I had another obligation I couldn't get out of.
I was at Reunion Event!
2) Did you enjoy your years in high school?
Yes, loved it for the most part.
Yes, but would NOT want to repeat it.
It was only so so.
Not really.
No I hated it! Worst time of my life.

3) Is there anything you wish you had done differently in high school?
Yes, I wish I had studied harder & goofed off less.
Yes, I wish I had been somewhat less serious and goofed off a bit more!
Yes, I wish I had been more involved in school activities.
No, I would do it exactly the same.
4) Has your life so far turned out like you thought it would?
Yes, exactly as I planned!
Not exactly, but close.
No, my life is way different than I imagined.
I never thought this far in advance!

5) Do you stay in touch with classmates from high school?
Yes, all the time.
Yes, somewhat.
Yes, but only recently thanks to this website!
No, not really.
No, but I wish I did.
Yes, via Facebook.
6) Is there anyone you haven't seen in 25 years that you wanted to see at the reunion?
Yes, one in particular!
There are several people I can't wait to see!
I want to see everyone!
Not really, I see everyone that I want to see all the time now anyway.
Not that I can think of.
I can't remember anyone - my memory is shot!

7) Something I have learned since HS and wish I knew then:
Teachers have a very hard job!
Don't do drugs!
Everyone is different, just let them be.
Studying and good grades are important.
Energy is wasted on the young.
Life is short, don't waste it.
8) My favorite HS memory has to do with:
Sports/Band/After school activities
My girlfriend(s) / boyfriend(s)
Partying on the weekends
Graduation/Senior Week
Fun with friends

9) During HS I made my parents:
Unbelievably proud - I was a perfect angel!
Very happy they had me - I was a level headed kid.
Proud for the most part - but they didn't REALLY know what was going on!
Crazy! My hormones were going wild.
Seriously consider military school - I was a major trouble maker at school and at home.
Rethink why they had kids!