We have tried our best to locate you with no success!  We did have contact information for some of the names here but your email and mailing addresses are no longer valid.  If anyone can help locate these classmates please let us know!  

Please select “Signed Up Mates” and then select "Add Your Infofor us to get and keep accurate up-to-date information on you!

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The QACHS class of 1988 had 346 classmates.  We can't find 59 of you!  Where are you?


Lost Classmates
Name Last First
Addison Tracey
Allen Belinda
Bailey Purnell
Bear Jason
Bedford Bessie
Behr Renae
Brown Dave
Burke James
Burns David
Chance Gale
Comegys James
Conner Melissa
Curtis Tanya
Davis Dale
Demby Kevin
Dodd Pam
Felton Chris
Gardner Diane
Gwynn Kevin
Hammond Pamela
Harmon Charlotte
Harrison Lisa
Jenkins Jermaine
Johnson Alyce
Johnson Dewie
Johnson Sherry
Jones Barbara Ann
Kaufman Chris
Kelley David
King Kerry
Kirby Carl
Koehler Matthias
Kunkowski Christina
Lanman Shelly
Lofland Robin
McClyment Matt
McCowan Lura
McElroy Tracy
Moore Jennifer
Nagano Kumi
Noyes Chris
Smith Carol (Garnet)
Smith Charles
Smith Sally
Stern Kristen
Townshend Michael
Williams Jonathan
Wilson Shelia
Woodward Robert
Wright Tremonte