If anyone has any videos they shot the night of the reunion, we can put it on this page.  Just upload to YouTube and then send us the link on the "Contact Us" page.  Or....if you don't know how to or don't want to mess with YouTube let us know and if you email us the video we can take care of putting it up.  We'd love to see any videos shot!

Just a little video creation with our reunion photos..... :)

Everybody dance now!! 

We were "trying" to see Michelle Lessner's many tattoos but it was a bit dark....we tried.

John Boyd winning a door prize from the two Vanna Whites!
Mary Linz (Rhoades) winning a door prize!
Susie Barczak winning a door prize....right before she was attacked....see the photo album for a picture!  LOL!
Video of Melissa Oldfield (Coughlin) winning the grand door prize....a beautful diamond pendant necklace!  Oh and her hair got a bit messed up in the process by Vanna #1....see photo album for proof!